Welcome to my gallery of simple automata!  Automata are movement based pieces that spring to life with the turn of a handle.  My pieces are constructed using wood, metal, needle felted wool, epoxy clay, and a whole host of other materials.  Prices range from $95.00 USD to $200.00, with shipping/handling extra.  Many of these automatons have been created on a made to order basis, and can be personalized for gift giving.   If you see something that you'd like to order, please contact me.


Welcome to my Automata gallery!  Automatons are movement-based pieces of art that spring to life with the turn of a handle.  My pieces are constructed of wood, metal, wool, clay, and a whole host of other materials.   Occasionally,  pieces are listed in my Etsy shop, and some are available at fiber craft shows that I participate in (please see the Upcoming Events page).  In the meantime, if you see something that you'd like, please contact me through my Shop page to inquire about a specific piece which might still be available, or request a custom order.  Enjoy!

Needle Felting Cat


The Yarn Spinner


Copy Cats


The Knitting Sheep


"I Love Ewe"


Spring Chicks


There's One in Every Crowd


Kissing Lovebirds Series