Welcome to my gallery of simple automata!  Automata are movement based pieces that spring to life with the turn of a handle.  My pieces are constructed using wood, metal, needle felted wool, epoxy clay, and a whole host of other materials.  Prices range from $95.00 USD to $200.00, with shipping/handling extra.  Many of these automatons have been created on a made to order basis, and can be personalized for gift giving.   If you see something that you'd like to order, please contact me.



Welcome to my Automata gallery!  Automatons are movement-based pieces of art that spring to life with the turn of a handle.  My pieces are constructed of wood, metal, wool, clay, and a whole host of other materials.   Occasionally,  pieces are listed in my Etsy shop, and some are available at fiber craft shows that I participate in (please see the Upcoming Events page).  In the meantime, if you see something that you'd like, please contact me through my Shop page to inquire about a specific piece which might still be available, or request a custom order.  Enjoy!


Bears on a Picnic

Bears on a Picnic.jpg
Bears on a Picnic Close-Up.jpg

Dachshund Doghouse

Dachshund Doghouse Right Side.jpg
Dachshund Doghouse Left Side.jpg

Ice Skating Fox

Skating Fox.jpg
Skating Fox Close-Up.jpg

Ice Skating Bunny

Skating Kitty in Blue.jpg
Skating Kitty in Blue Close-Up.jpg

Ice Skating Kitty

Skating Kitty in Red.jpg
Skating Kitty in Red Close-Up.jpg

The Bird Feeder

The Birdfeeder Automaton.jpg
The Birdfeeder Side View.jpg

The Magic Act

Magic Act.jpg
Magic Act Close-Up.jpg

The Knitting Sheep

Knitting Sheep Automaton in Purple.JPG
Knitting Sheep Close-Up.JPG

I Love Ewe

I Love Ewe Automaton.JPG
I Love Ewe Automaton Close-Up.JPG

Kissing Lovebirds

Kissing Lovebirds Automaton.JPG
Kissing Lovebirds Close-Up.JPG

The Spinning Sheep

The Yarn Spinner Automaton.jpg
The Yarn Spinner Close-Up.jpg

Spring Chicks

Spring Chicks Automaton.JPG
Spring Chicks Close-Up.JPG

Copy Cats

Copycats Automaton.jpg
Copycats Close-Up.jpg

There’s One in Every Crowd

There's One in Every Crowd Automaton.JPG
There's One in Every Crowd rear View.JPG